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Practice Philosophy

Practice Philosophy


The best outcome in contested family law matter comes from the interactive relationship between lawyer and client. We know the law, the courts, the process, and the usual cast of characters appearing throughout.

You know your life, your finances and your parenting skills—and you have the best insight on the very important traits of your former partner. Thoughtful participation in your case is crucial to a successful resolution. We will work together to resolve your case with the best result possible. Having litigated hundreds of family law matters for over two decades, we can advise you on the possible parameters of an outcome.

Family law matters are uniquely dependent on the facts of each case, and each case presents you options for a successful conclusion. We will never litigate unnecessarily. We can also explore out-of-court options for resolving your case.

We’ve worked with everyone from renowned psychiatrists, medical technicians, film-makers, actors, auto-body mechanics, artists, stay-at-home parents, secretaries, Wall Street executives, mason tenders, and professors… all are warmly welcomed and all are encouraged to participate fully in their own case.