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Client Testimonials

“Thanks again. Besides being a brilliant attorney you help me keep things in perspective.”
— A family law client.

“I want to thank you again for the remarkable representation you have provided for me all of these years.
I realize I have not made this easy, but you never gave up on me. I’m deeply grateful.”
— Heavily-litigated child support case.

“Barbara Schaffer is an excellent attorney that I would highly recommend because of her extensive legal experience and expert counsel, her au courant and nuanced knowledge of the law, her attention to legal loopholes, and the compassion and care that she extends towards all her clients. As your attorney she shoulders all responsibility for your legal welfare and also takes your emotional well-being into account in all her decisions: she does not burden you unnecessarily with the chaff and bile of legal exchanges.  However, she keeps you informed of all important proceedings, makes sure that your views are heard and valued, and diligently protects your interests.
I must admit that sometimes, overcome by distress and anger, I secretly wished that she wasn’t as conscientious; however, her high ethical standards paid off and opened up new channels of communication and compromise that would have been closed if she had acted otherwise.
Thanks, Barbara, for keeping my humanity intact.”
— Represented wife in negotiating supplemental separation agreement modifying
terms of original, one-sided separation agreement

“Thank you so much for sitting through that long day with us in Family Court. Without you [we] probably would not have made it to the Judge. Thanks for your expertise in representing [my son]… And I certainly know your presence had an effect on my case as well. It was a pleasure getting to know you.”
— Representing respondent, in an Order of Protection case.

“I wanted to send you a note to you to express my appreciation and gratitude for all your careful, good work and support with my recent divorce case. You were always responsive and worked within the framework I had requested at the outset, to reduce the temperature of the proceedings. This helped turn a difficult experience into a more manageable one. As I have in the past, I would again in the future recommmend you… to others without hesitation. Again, many thanks!”
—Plaintiff in a divorce involving complex financial issues settled with a comprehensive stipulation.

“Here’s thinking of you, kid. Thanks for everything!”
— Defendant in an aggressively litigated divorce.

“A little thank you for your brilliant work as a lawyer.”
— Plaintiff in a highly contested divorce proceeding.

“I am so happy to have you fighting this battle for our future—right beside me… And all of our legal accomplishments are because of you and your efforts. Thank you.”
— From a plaintiff in a highly contested divorce involving domestic violence.

“Thanks again for making all of this happen. I can’t even begin to tell you how grateful I am for all that you did for us today, and all that you’ve done over these many months, not to mention all the years since the original filiation business.”
— Petitioner in a custody proceeding.

“You’re relaxed down to earth, yet confident, powerhouse attorney style makes you the best all-around person to work with… hands down.”
— From a colleague.