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Professional Standards

Rules which apply to attorneys in domestic relations matters, including divorce, separation, annulment, custody, visitation, maintenance, child support, or alimony, or to enforce or modify a judgment or order in connection with any such claims, actions or proceedings.

See: Rules for Divorce Attorneys

The NY Code of Ethics defines proper professional conduct for attorneys. “The touchstone of the client-lawyer relationship is the lawyer’s obligation to assert the client’s position under the rules of the adversary system, to maintain the client’s confidential information except in limited circumstances, and to act with loyalty during the period of the representation.”

See: Code of Ethics

Attorneys for children, formerly known as law guardians, are subject to the same ethical constraints as the attorneys for the parties in a divorce or custody proceeding.

See: Attorneys for Children

The American Psychological Association (APA) has published guidelines for psychologists performing child custody evaluations. Guidelines, which are aspirational in nature, suggest professional behaviors and practices. They are not mandatory. These guidelines give insight into the purpose of a child custody evaluation and the best professional practices for psychologist-evaluators.

See: Child Custody Evaluations