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Pre-Nups and Post-Nups

Prenuptial agreements are not the first thing you may be thinking about when you are getting married, the first time. For those entering into second marriages, or for people who are getting married after having established a successful business or career, or those who have accumulated substantial assets, or for those who have inherited assets, thoughts of prenuptial agreements may become more pressing. Agreements in writing, which are signed with certain specific formalities, made before (prenuptial) or during a marriage (postnuptial), are legally enforceable.

Prenuptial agreements should be done well in advance of the wedding date for several good reasons: you and your prospective spouse have more of an opportunity to discuss the terms of an agreement, work through the thorny parts, and disclose your financial situations to each other—all of which are integral to making sure that the agreement can withstand prospective challenges.

And who wants to be late to the rehearsal dinner because you are at your lawyer’s office signing the final draft of the agreement? Ms. Schaffer has negotiated and skillfully drafted many pre and postnuptial agreements.